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If you're doing business online in any capacity, you need to have a Mobile App
with Push Notification Service.
  • Apps are more convenient for users and easier to navigate.
  • You can send eye catching push notifications right inside your customers smartphones.
  • App monetization is better than the revenue of websites nowadays.

Anyone can custom build branded native Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android & HTML5 app.

Our platform allows our customers/users to simultaneously modify, edit, and manage mobile apps and mobile websites online without any programming knowledge needed.

You can create ONE Native App For iPhone, iPad, & ONE Native App for Android. You also get Unlimited Downloads, Unlimited Push Notifications / Mo., Unlimited Sessions / Mo. and Analytics.

Mobile Apps from your Mobile-Enabled website or Facebook page with Advance Push Notification - Fast - for Less

No need to spend thousands of dollars to create apps if you have a Facebook page.
We use your existing Mobile-Enabled Website or Facebook data to build Apps for Android, iOS, even Amazon - Fast!
With our powerful API, your Apps can update and sync data instantly in the platform every time your Website or Facebook page's data changes.

  • Easily and instantly benefit from providing your customers and prospects with your true downloadable app they carry on their smartphones at all time.

  • Your customers, prospects, or friends download your App right to their phone's main screen creating a "persistent presence" providing an instant contact ALL THE TIME!

  • Text Messaging and Push Notifications! They're critical to your Mobile Marketing strategy!

    Your custom App and mobile website includes FREE unlimited Text Messaging and Push Notification.

  • You can invite your contacts to subscribe to your SMS texts... Then you can text them WHENEVER AND AS OFTEN AS YOU LIKE! (95% of all text messages are read within five minutes of receipt... this blows away the speed and sense of urgency of ANY other marketing platform!)

    Use your app to provide up to date information to your customers. Change your app's content whenever you wish.

    Use it to offer monthly, weekly, or even daily specials. Send out notifications whenever you like to push traffic back to your app or website or storefront!

  • Our mobile website-based App platform bypasses the App Stores altogether, saving you $thousands in development costs and approval delays. Plus, you can change the content of your App whenever you want through an easy to use web interface!

  • Apps Developer Opportunity. Build iPhones & Android Apps
    Requirements: Obtain your own Apple or Google Developer Accounts to publish your apps to the Apps Stores.

    Create Apps for iPhones and Android. No Coding

    You can start creating native iPhone and Android applications right away.
    Publish in the Apps Stores using your own Google, Apple and/or Amazon Developer Accounts.

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