We Buy Notes Fast
We Pay Maximum 'Market Price' For Real Estate & Business Notes.

We buy a much BROADER RANGE of Promissory Notes than other note buyers!

ANY credit – UNDERWATER loans where value is less than note amount – MISSED or UNDOCUMENTED payments – Fed LIENS – Short BALLOONS ...and MORE!

We purchase A/B/C/D Notes in all 50 states for our own accounts and to private investors and funds we represent, that do not advertise to the market.

We specialize in partial purchase options on almost ALL notes that other investors will not consider – small balance, short balloon, interest only, bad credit, zero down/negative equity, unseasoned rehab/flip notes, and MORE. Send us your turndowns/cancels.

We purchase notes on unique properites such as land, churches, gas stations, junk yards, industrial properties, and MORE.

If you are ready to sell a Note for CASH, we would be happy to take the time to appraise your Note and provide you with an offer to purchase your Note at maximum market price.

What We Buy:
  • ALL credit scores and profiles accepted. BK acceptable. Foreclosure acceptable.
    Scores below 600 or 500 acceptable. Fed Liens acceptable.
  • ALL property types accepted.
    See Notes we do not buy below.
  • $30,000 minimum property value for strong markets and good property.
    $75,000 minimum property value for Soft or Challenged markets = rust belt, Florida, New York rural/remote areas, etc.
  • ALL seasoning, including 0 payments. NO minimum seasoning.
  • ALL LTV (Loan to Value) ratios - NO minimum equity requirement. Zero, or Negative equity (underwater loans) accepted.
  • ALL locations - All 50 states.
    Ineligible Metro Areas: Detroit, Baltimore.
  • ALL Occupancy - Owner or tenant. Vacant/non-occupied properties on a selective basis, with requirement of full interior appraisal.
  • ALL Flip or rehab properties acceptable - less than 12 month seasoning acceptable.
  • ALL Pay History accepted - best pricing with 3rd party records from servicer or bank, or money order records, however cash payments, and or missed payments / imperfect payment history accepted.
  • ITV (Investment to Value) limits <40% apply for all internal purchases; we provide partial purchase cash out options, for almost every note by limiting investment ratio.
  • We also represent private investors who will purchase Notes to 70% ITV on better.
    Typical investments Minimum $10,000 to Maximum investment of $200,000.

What We Do Not Buy:
  • We do not buy notes with project or development collateral which would have VERY limited market as REO.
  • We do not buy notes with collateral in poor condition, or in bad areas/neighborhoods with drugs/crimes/boardups.
  • We do not buy notes with borrowers in BK where the Trustee is not the party making the payments or the loan has not been released from the BK.
  • We do not buy within 150 radius, these Metros: Detroit, Baltimore.

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